Yours Faithfully

Via Robert Messenger, I learned of a very cool exhibition happening now at the Museum of Australian Democracy. Perhaps the museum explains it best, by letter:

Dear Visitor,

In an age of pithy one liners, text messages and FaceTime, letter writing might seem redundant. Yet rediscovering this lost art reminds us to slow down and express our inner thoughts with others.

A handwritten letter can become a keepsake of cherished memories, opinions and ideas or expressed love.

Over the years, everyday people have used the modest pen and paper to communicate, persuade, and initiate change.  

We invite you to come in and rediscover letter writing; whatever the subject and whomever the recipient. Use our range of tools and supplies including beautifully restored typewriters and pop your piece of mail in our post box – postage is on us.

Yours faithfully,


And, yes, this means there are a number of typewriters that you can have a go at. Wish I was there.

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